Nieuws - 23 september 2010

‘Keep dairy cattle research in Lelystad’

The works council wants the experimental dairy farms in Lelystad rather than Leeuwarden.

There are fundamental differences between the works council and the directors of the Animal Sciences Group (ASG) regarding the central location for applied research in dairy farming. The ASG wants the experimental farms to be concentrated around the Nij Bosma Zathe centre for applied research in the vicinity of Leeuwarden. This would mean the closure of the experimental farms in Lelystad, Heino, Zegveld and Cranendonck. The province of Friesland has promised to allocate an investment budget of twenty million euros for this Dairy Campus.
The works council acknowledges that regional centres for applied research are no longer appropriate but thinks that Lelystad should be chosen as the central location. ASG director Dick Pouwels regrets the fact that the directors and the works council have been unable to reach agreement on the future of the centres for applied research. Talks will be resumed mid September.