Nieuws - 3 mei 2012

KSV balcony on the brink of collapse?

It looks pretty bad at the KSV Franciscus clubhouse. The balcony of the Cantil is being supported by a squad of vertical poles. Has a group of dancing KSV members brought the balcony to the verge of destruction?

'Not at all,' says president Afke Jager. 'It looks more dramatic than it is. The Eigen Huis foundation (SEH), the owner of the clubhouse, had the building inspected recently. It was found that if the society continues using the balcony as it now does, the balcony could pose a danger for big groups. To be safe rather than sorry, SHE and the Management have the poles placed.'
The balcony is still accessible to a small group of people. 'And the rest of the building is still completely safe!' Afke stresses.
The supports for the premises at the Stadsbrink will remain until further steps can be taken.