Student - 8 oktober 2015

KSV Franciscus gets the most new members

KSV Franciscus is able to report the most new members of all the student societies this year. Of the 241 students who registered for the society introduction stage (VIT), 180 eventually enrolled as members.

Ceres, which was able to add the most new members last year (170), has 158 fi rst-years now, while 148 students have joined SSR-W, 20 more than last year. NSW Navigators, Nji Sjri and Unitas all say that they have got 50 new members.

‘The society premises look a bit smarter and there is more room thanks to recent renovations,’ says Matthijs Verburg, the chair at KSV Franciscus. ‘I’m not going to claim that we got more people joining because we’re better than the other societies. We’re simply Franciscus.’

Student sports association Argo is also doing well. In fact, it has actually outdone the traditional student societies, with 200 new members. Talking about the large number of new members, Saskia Tersteeg, W.S.R. Argo’s secretary, says: ‘As a student rowing club we’re unique in Wageningen as we have social activities at Argo as well as the sport side.’ (See too the article on page 18.)

On average about 75 to 80 percent of the students who register with a society during or just after the AID eventually become members. That is because students sometimes register with more than one society and make a fi nal choice later on. Students also drop out during the VIT. NSW is an exception to that rule: the 50 people who registered have all become members.

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  • JH

    Hulde aan de redactie dat ze het even goed uitzoeken, zoals hier vaak gevraagd weerd!

  • arend l

    Ceres is veel leuker dan dat suffe geroei

  • MP

    Ter aanvulling: inclusief lenteleden waren er bij Argo meer dan 300 aanmeldingen, exclusief lenteleden waren dit er 265. (bij andere verenigingen worden Na-vitters ook geteld?)

    Bovendien waren er slechts 220 plaatsen te verdelen. Het berekenen van het percentage door 200 te delen door 265 geeft geen kloppend beeld van het 'slagingspercentage'. Hiervoor moet je 200 delen door 220 (het aantal plaatsen). Het werkelijke slagingspercentage is afgerond 90%.

    • GT

      ja berekeningen slaan eigenlijk ook nergens op