Nieuws - 29 mei 2013

Just looking, never buying


I live in a corridor with Dutch students and overall they are really lovely and open people. Until the issue is about spending money... We already have thousands of euros in our common bank account, but when we had to buy some new kitchen stuff the decision took half a year. It was a nightmare and it took some long disputes with stingy people before everyone realized that we really need an oven and a fridge that actually work.

There is a Dutch saying that foreigners created: 'kijken, kijken, niet kopen' (look, look, but don't buy). I definitely recognize that. In big cities in the evenings many people stand in front of already closed shops looking in the windows. In the beginning I was surprised, but in the end I figured out that by window shopping they can enjoy stuff without buying it. Did you ever wonder why Dutch people are rich? They just don't spend their money!
In Bulgaria this is different. Bulgarian students would definitely not hesitate to spend money on a common corridor. That's also why they don't have corridor money. If something has to be bought, they have to collect extra finances. In general Bulgarians spend as much as they have and end up with no money. So probably there is something to be learned from my corridor mates. Now we finally got our new stuff, but I think that they will not spend another eurocent on anything for the coming couple of years. 
Neshe Yusuf, MSc Food Safety, from Bulgaria.  
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