Nieuws - 12 september 2011

'Just let go'

‘Yeah!’ With a triumphant yell, Paul Jacobs threw a bunch of paintings from the 17-metre high cherry picker. About 150 people watched as the artist sent his own artworks crashing to the ground in front of the forum. It didn’t always go to plan, as canvas-on-wood frames turned out to be surprisingly resilient. So the artist lent gravity a helping hand by smashing a painting against the railings of the cabin.

With this 'Happy Crash' project, Jacobs, who once worked for Wageningen UR, goes right against the spirit of the times. After all, art is out because it is constantly surrounded by suspicions of needless waste. And here is an artist gratuitously smashing up hundreds of paintings. And when asked why, his answer is somewhat hazy: 'Just let go. Doing strange things just for the hell of it. A party.'
The audience appreciated the act and set about looking for 'their' artworks  - painting they had been allowed to put their names on beforehand - with enthusiasm. But there was some disappointment now too. 'Oh, shame, it is hardly damaged at all.' In any case, there was not a single artwork left on the field by the end. And anyone getting worked up about the waste of government funding can rest assured: the project was paid for out of the artist's pocket. And contributions from the visitors were voluntary, with an upper limit (!) set at 50 euros.
Click here for a video from the Gelderland broadcasting company.