Nieuws - 10 juni 2010

Just in time


I just got to Wageningen in time

I don't come to Wageningen so often now that I am a 'retired' professor. That is why it was only today that I saw Resource 18, in which it said that I had to miss Jan Smit's PhD ceremony because I was stuck in Portugal due to the ash cloud. Actually, I did attend that PhD ceremony. I managed to get on what was pretty much the only plane leaving Porto, taking me to Brussels from where I just got to Wageningen in time. To general relief as there was already talk of me skyping the laudatory address from Coimbra. Which would have been quite impressive from a university founded in 1290, but they like to wear a rather weird tea cosy on their heads there for this kind of occasion and at least I was spared that.
Pim Kooij, Rural History