Student - August 30, 2007

Joint representatives reject plan for one council

Three of the four representative councils have told the Executive Board that they do not agree with the proposal to form one central co-management council. The Van Hall Larenstein council is the only one in favour of the plan.

The Executive Board would like to see one central representative body for the whole of Wageningen UR, made up representatives of the different parts. At present the board meets with four different councils. The main objection of those opposed to the plan is the university representation. They say university students get the worst deal.

Ad Bot of Van Hall Larenstein agrees. ‘We considered voting against out of solidarity, but in the end we didn’t because for us the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. At present we are badly represented at central level. One central council would improve things.’ The Executive Board has asked the councils to come up with an alternative proposal. Chairman of the central employees’ council Gerrit Bruin expects this to be ready within a few weeks.