News - June 17, 2016

John Kerry visits Imares on Svalbard

US Secretary of State John Kerry visited the Imares research station on the Norwegian island Svalbard yesterday.

The politician toured the island in the Arctic Ocean and met with researchers in the town of Ny-Ă…lesund. The Netherlands have a research station based there which Imares uses for its expeditions. Kerry spoke at the research station with Martine van den Heuvel and Chair Marine animal ecology Tinka Murk. 'This was amazing,' says Martine van den Heuvel. 'When he arrived he immediately approached us!.'Kerry posted on his Twitter account that he had an amazing day on Svalbard and that he was very impressed of the work done by the researchers.

John Kerry on Svalbard

Wageningen UR does research on marine life in the artic. Hans Bothe, Imares: John Kerry is very passionate about climate research and has a special interest in marine research. He visits these research stations quite often.'

The Wageningen Research Team on Svalbard performs research this summer on the effects of oil and oil remediation products on Arctic sealife. The expedition is also researching the effects of human usa of natural resources and social scientific research on different perspective of researchers, tourists and the local population on Svalbard.