Organisation - March 30, 2017

Jobs to be terminated in Human Nutrition

Tessa Louwerens

The division of Human Nutrition of AFSG will go through a reorganisation. As a consequence, 11 jobs will be terminated, totalling more than 8 fte. The reorganisation is necessary because of an expected shortfall of around one million euro in the budget.

Photo: Sven Menschel

The reorganisation will lead to the halting of the research activities in the subareas of Molecular Pharmacology, National Public Health and Diabetes Epidemiology and will mainly cut the number of supporting positions. According to Kees de Graaf, chair holder at the division of Human Nutrition, the changes are necessary. ‘In the past eight year, we brought in a large number of projects and hired many new staff members. However, the funding receded in 2015 and it turned out the growth was not structurally covered.’

The consequence of this development is an expected budget shortfall of 1 million euros. De Graaf: ‘Due to the increasing competition, we have had to make strategic choices by searching for our strengths and focusing on those points.’ De Graaf is ‘very sorry’ for the people affected by this. ‘We are a close-knit group, but science changes and we have to follow.’ To further strengthen the international position, the division of Human Nutrition wants to change its name and continue as Human Nutrition & Health. The division will focus on two themes: Global Nutrition & Health and Food, Digestion & Health.

The Executive Board has agreed with the reorganisation plan in a proposed resolution. The plan has now been presented to the unions and the Works Council. According to a message sent to the employees, compulsory redundancies are not out of the question. The employees concerned will be supported in the search for new work as much as possible. The Works Council has received the recommendation and is currently considering it.

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