Nieuws - 24 juni 2004

Job stop at A&F

The directors of the Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group have announced a job stop for the institute Agrotechnology and Food Innovations. The reason is the disappointing income figures

A&F is going to have to keep an eye on its purse. For expenses up to 5,000 euros, members of staff have to request permission from their business unit leader. Higher expenditures will require permission from the business manager Dr Philip van der Heijden. Even so, Van der Heijden admits that this measure is unlikely to result in big savings. “Our staff already know that we are facing financial constraints and are therefore very cost aware, but every little bit helps.”

At the beginning of the year the institute presented the Executive Board with a fairly positive recovery plan, based on a scenario where the loss of twelve jobs would be enough to achieve a structural recovery. “In hindsight that was perhaps a little optimistic, but in retrospect everything is easy to predict. In the first quarter our acquisitions went according to plan, but there was a change for the worse in the second quarter,” explains Van der Heijden. One of the plans the A&F directors have for the coming weeks is to hold discussions with clients about the problems they are facing. “We want to gain a better of view of which problems are structural and which are only temporary.”

Korné Versluis