Nieuws - 6 november 2012

Job Cohen in supervisory body of Wageningen UR

Job Cohen, former political leader of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA), will take up a position on the Supervisory Board of Wageningen UR from 1 January next year. He is one of the five new members on the supervisory body.

Three members of the current supervisory board will step down on 1 January: Hanja Maij-Weggen, Jaap van Duijn and Laurent Van Depoele. The supervisory members Margreeth de Boer (chair) and Berry Marttin (supervisory board of Rabobank) will stay on. They will be joined by the following in 2013:
-          Job Cohen, former political leader of PvdA
-          Bert Bruggeman, was until recently the executive chairman of the University Medical Centre Groningen
-          Robert Smith, president and CEO of farming cooperative Cosun
-          Siem Korver, public affairs director of VION, and professor in Tilburg
-          Harm-Evert Waalkens, former agricultural spokesman for PvdA in the Dutch Lower House, and organic livestock farmer in Groningen.
The new members will be appointed for four years. The Supervisory Board of Wageningen UR will therefore comprise seven persons next year. The appointment of Margreeth de Boer as chairperson of the supervisory body is up to September 2013, after which Cohen will succeed her. Marttin's appointment will last till September 2015.