News - November 4, 2009

Jan Willem + beer

Jan Willem van Groenigen, senior lecturer in the Soil biology chair group.
'You can't produce top quality wine in the Netherlands. Top quality beer, yes.'

As a postdoc in America, he missed his Belgian beer. So he got to work himself. And now brewing is a serious hobby for Jan Willem van Groenigen. He brews twenty to fifty litres a month in his homemade vat. He's working on producing the perfect beer. For him, that means a light, hoppy Weizen- type beer. Wageningen has a real beer scene: the Wageningen hobby brewers' council, with about a dozen members, mainly students. It's not a boozing club, stresses Van Groenigen. Of course, there is some beer tasting, but the main point is to compare recipes and figure out how it works. 'It's not just a nice hobby, it's of scientific interest too. It's more difficult than making wine, but more fun too.'