Nieuws - 26 augustus 2010

'I've got a nice academic gown'

Who? Carolien Kroeze
What? Researcher and teacher of Environmental System Aanalysis
Where? Environmental System Analysis chair group, Atlas
Why? Appointed to personal chair in Pollution Management

At the beginning of June you became professor of environmental future projection at the Open University. It's going fast isn't it?
'I had already been professor at the Open University for one and a half years. My inauguration was on 4 June in Heerlen.'
How do you get to be personal professor?
'That is a chair based on personal achievements. You have to meet a number of criteria, such as the number of publications, achievements in the field of education, research and acquisition. And you have to come before an appointments committee. Quite an ordeal all in all.'
What does it give you?
'Recognition and the right to supervise PhD research. I can now supervise PhD students independently right through to their graduation. As supervisor rather than co-supervisor.'
And do you get to join the procession at the opening of the academic year?
'I assume so. But I am not sure, to be honest. I have to find that out. In any case I have already got a nice academic gown. I assume that I can use my Open University one here too.'