News - April 14, 2011

It's up!

After six years of bickering, the moment has finally arrived: the Fire of Freedom, a monument to freedom and not in remembrance of Prince Bernhard, was erected this morning close to the pavement in front of student society Ceres. Work began at 8 o'clock, with many members of the press present.

Hanshan Roebers created the monument in 2005. The intention was that it would stand next to Hotel de Wereld but it aroused a lot of criticism. The copper pillar is six metres tall and it was feared it would overshadow the 'Blote Jan' (bare Jan) statue. It was also said to resemble a phallus and use unnecessary amounts of gas (an eternal flame burns at the top of the pillar).
The result of all this was that the pillar was put into storage. Ceres offered part of its garden, various procedures and planning permission grants followed, and this morning the moment finally arrived: the obelisk has a home. The top looks a little crooked, perhaps caused by its years in storage, and the statue is right on the edge of the pavement -  but it is up.
The Fire of Freedom will be lit in the night of 4 to 5 May.
A film clip by Omproep Gelderland showing the statue being erected: