Nieuws - 5 november 2009

Item 8

Agenda item number 8 of our chair group meeting hasn't been altered for ages: housing/new buildings. Usually, there is nothing new. But changes seem to be looming up. The term 'uni-location' is turning up more often. Construction plans for AFSG are taking on more concrete forms. Even dates zoom by.

Resource has kindled the flames, and not just a little: 'Full steam ahead for new AFSG building'. Hope fires up. A day has even been named on which all would finally be revealed. On 9 November, the Supervisory Board will announce its decision. Budget Day was to have been a bench mark, but it came and went without anything definite. But the hopes seem to have been kept up this time, despite the recession. We do know that we've been spared the drastic cost-cuttings. But what's it going to be: a new building or the Dreijen? It's time for Go or No go. It's been quite a while.
A few years ago, a new building on the Born was exciting stuff. It was something to look forward to. A move to the campus did however bring speculations as to where we would end up in. Would it be one of the old buildings or a new food nutrition building? Discussions were therefore rife under item 8 at that time. New maps were produced every time on which we could indicate our preferences. News, and yet more news followed. And other maps and plans all over again. To these, we added our comments. But discussions usually touched on plans which had already been rejected again before our opinions could even be considered.
Things haven't taken another turn really. Item 8 still comprises an uncertain date of moving. Actually, we are particularly not happy about it. Postpone is the magic word. The agenda item is horribly shriveled up. And there's still no news. The once thought-provoking item number 8 is sadly fated to be jeered at. /Marelle Boersma