Nieuws - 24 juni 2010

‘It isn’t even a sticker’

Who? First-year student at VHL Velp
What? Got a ‘this-is-not-up-to-the-language-standard' sticker
Why? For consistently starting sentences with ‘and', using the wrong spelling for verb endings and various other examples of sloppy writing.

What's your name?
Laughs nervously, throws an angry look at the people who landed him in this. ‘No, I really want to remain anonymous - before you know it, my lecturers will be reading this as well.'
So you're embarrassed?
‘Not at all - I just didn't expect it. Normally I'm really good at spelling; I just didn't have much time. I didn't even know this existed.'
Was the sticker justified?
Not even a little bit?
‘OK, I did make a lot of mistakes but some lecturers make a lot too. I don't feel this is encouraging me to make more of an effort.'
On the other hand, a similar initiative has worked fine in Amsterdam.
‘Maybe it did there, but this is just the lecturers being lazy. It isn't even a proper sticker. Look, they've printed out a piece of paper and stuck it on with Pritt. Ridiculous, isn't it?'