Nieuws - 10 mei 2012

'It is nicer to have them read'

Who? Emeritus professor Anne van den Ban
What? He is giving away four metres of books
Where? At the Leeuwenborch library

Four metres of books - that must create some space?
'There are still plenty left, I can tell you. I must have three times that many books. At least there should now be space for them all on the shelves.'
Are there some special books among them?
'There is ex-minister of Finance Vondeling's dissertation, for example. And there are books by my father, who was a professor here too. The library gets first pick. What is left is for anyone who is interested.'
Why are you giving them away, actually?
'I am 84. At some point you stop reading new things. For example, I've got a brand new book by Tinbergen here. It's been sitting there for 40 years and I have never got round to it.'
Is it hard to say goodbye to them?
'Not at all. It is nicer to know that they will be read for once. Actually, everyone who retires should consider passing on their books.'