Nieuws - 19 april 2012

Isric nomads unpack again

Stephan Mantel has been working for Isric for 18 years, during which he has moved four times.

That is not a bad average but those four moves were all in the past two years! The trek began at the end of 2010 when they suddenly had to vacate their home at Duivendaal. Then the Wisselgebouw building on campus turned out to be a stopover for the final destination in Gaia. Hardly had they unpacked their boxes when they had to move again to the Wisselgebouw. Now the refurbishing work at Gaia and Lumen is drawing to a close. Isric was one of the first to move into the new premises last week.
Mantel has mixed feelings about all these moves. ‘Duivendaal might have been old but it was well suited to our needs. As far as buildings go I would rather be in Duivendaal.' Mantel thinks there is less room in Gaia. But there are compensations. ‘At least we are now are on campus. Here, we are part of the whole complex of research and teaching. Isric will become better known once the new building with the museum is finished. That can be the institute's calling card, the Isric magnet.'