Nieuws - 22 juni 2011

Is my mind still left in Prague?

With my serendipity, on the famous Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) I ran into a beautiful Chinese girl and spent a wonderful time with her before sunset. Like the first piece of domino, that encounter brought me good luck to come across more people and unforgettable stories. As I said last week, I fell in love with this city.

A memory worthy engraving on my mind
Unfortunately I seemed to have used up my luck in Prague: I caught a cold on the night I was back in Wageningen. On the next day I had a flat tire on my bike, thanks to it I came late to the city and missed some street performances of LEEFfestival and the troop of cyclists of World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) Gelderland 2011. What's worse, typical Dutch weather is back in my life. Every unfortunate moment since I was back made me miss the 'good old days' in Prague...
So ironic! I've been in Wageningen for around ten months, now I actually had to readapt to the life here. Yesterday (Tuesday) I got a call from my dad, he asked me to think twice about the job in student council, he suggested me to resign from it and shift focus back on study. With all due respect, sorry Dad, I've made up my mind; I can't refuse such an unfamiliar challenge.
But suddenly I realized why I missed Prague: sharing a bedroom with three people, commuting on crowded buses every day, sparing no effort for a project... how similar to some scenes of my life in China! Homesickness, it was homesickness that made me feel strange to be back in the Netherlands.
No worry, it just takes some time, my life will be back on the right trajectory soon. After meeting friends at the open market, chatting with my corridor mates, having dinner with Cato and Frits and doing sport in de Bongerd, my mind is on its way from Prague back to Wageningen, the life here is as colorful as before.
Now I can announce: Derek is back! ^_^