Nieuws - 9 september 2009

Is it goodbye to Borney's bar?

In the middle of the introduction days, the volunteers who ran Borney’s noticed that the locks had been changed.

'We were upset and disappointed', says Yvan-Marcos Lopez, chair of the Borney's board. Just the evening before the bar was still open. What is more, student housing corporation Idealis had not sent any warning, so the closure came as a bolt from the blue.
Not fair 
The volunteers are desolate. 'We didn't even get the chance to pick up our things or inform people. I understand that Idealis has other plans, but this is not fair', says Kate Acpal, a Borney's bartender.
The board will try to get the bar opened again, and is in touch with the university and the Wageningen Students' Organization WSO. The main reason for the closure, according to Jan Harkema of Idealis, is that the bar did not have the permits required by catering regulations. 'As the owner of the building, Idealis is answerable to the council and to the police. We have had a couple of discussions with the board and we sent them a letter', says Harkema.
There was a letter, the volunteers admit, but that was months ago, and it said the bar would be closed from January 2010. Idealis also says it has received complaints about noise from the bar. The volunteers question whether such complaints are justified. 'We have never had any complaints. We have asked the residents on the first three floor, but no one said they had any problems', says chairman Lopez.
In future, Idealis wants to use the room again as a meeting place for Bornsesteeg residents, Harkema emphasizes. 'We want to involve international students in the plans'.