Organisatie - 3 mei 2016

Is het eten op de campus oké?

Roelof Kleis

De kantines op de campus zitten dagelijks stampvol. Het zal dus wel lekker zijn. Of niet? De redactie van Resource doet deze weken een smaaktest. Maar wat vinden jullie ervan?

Resource laat deze weken een smaakpanel de vier grote kantines op de campus beoordelen. Het gaat om de kantines in Forum, Orion en de Leeuwenborch plus het Restaurant van de Toekomst. Twee studenten en twee medewerkers nuttigen lunches van diverse stamenstelling en geven daar cijfers voor. Wetenschappelijk gezien een hele kleine steekproef. Maar het levert zeker een indicatie op van wat we zoal krijgen voorgeschoteld.

Maar wat vind jij, bezoeker van deze website, van het eten op de campus? Is het te pruimen? Is het te duur? Goed genoeg voor het geld dat je ervoor neerlegt? Valt er wat te verbeteren of is het allemaal al top? In de poll in de marge van deze site kunt u een stem kwijt. De vraag is simpel: wat is de beste kantine? Het antwoordt schreeuwt natuurlijk om een toelichting.
Die kun je hieronder kwijt als reactie. Graag enigszins gemotiveerd.

Het resultaat van deze poll en de smaaktest door ons panel verschijnt uitgebreid in het volgende nummer van Resource dat op 19 mei verschijnt.

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  • fff

    Let's have Leeuwenborch food everywhere! It is all homemade, delicious, healthy and affordable! Food at Forum just sticks, I can never eat there because even the soup is too expensive and not home-made..!

  • time for a change

    In general the food at the Wur-campus needs a upgrade, for example by changing the quality, including the history of the food they use and what types of food they serve. If the Wageningen University would take its role as a sustainable university serious it should at least provide the students with a healthy and sustainable produced meal for a good price. The different companies now all have their own policies, ranging from fries twice a week (Forum) too separately packed slices of chees (Orion). And yes the canteens are packed, but the question is. Does this say anything about the quality of the food or simply because there is no other choice except for bringing your own food? And not everyone is organised enough, or has the time to do that

  • FG

    The food at Forum is a joke. Most stuff is processed, badly prepared and sometimes clearly not fresh. In addition it is served with plastic plates and cutlery that cannot handle any pressure. Gaia has the worst price-quantity balance. Leeuwenborch is good, but Orion has the best balance.

  • Sil

    I actually never ate at Restaurant of the Future (when is it actually open?) and Leeuwenborch (because I haven't had classes there). I actually dislike the "cooked" meals in Forum. 99% of the time it is really unhealthy and/or overcooked. And the sandwiches are damn expensive, so there is no good alternative here. I only eat hot meals at Orion right now. Most of the time it is tasty enough and therefore worth its money. Also the vegetarian option is good there. But still I think more vegetables could be added so it will be healthier.
    Maybe Restaurant of the Future has better food?

  • BI

    The Forum "restaurant" has turned into a fast-food / unhealthy food place. How can WUR claim such a high status as a Life Sciences University and offer so crappy food is beyond me... Change caterers if necessary but do SOMETHING please...

  • Plastic

    Forum, please, do not use PLASTIC for salads! Even spoons, forks and everything is in plastic. It is like going to the supermarket to buy peeled tangerine wrapped in plastic...

  • Shani

    WUR is a culinary graveyard. The quality and quantity are both poor and many things are factory food - not even real cooking/meals!

    Worst campus food from every campus I've ever been to. Shockingly bad.

    Plus where are all the other options? Where is the thriving food culture?? So much culinary tradition in Europe and little regard for it.

    I thought eating was a celebration of agriculture?!

  • students

    please do something about the dinners at forum.. it is terrible! I gave it so many times a try, but after a few years I just gave up.. I doesn't feel like a healthy dinner and it is not tasty at all! + pasta always overcooked. I just feel a bit ashamed about it! how is it possible that on wageningen university we get these unhealthy and untasty dinner options?
    The vegetarian lunch option on forum is also terrible on meatless monday! I am positive about the idea of meatless monday, but not if teh vegetarian option is just some fries and 2 cheese croquettes... I can imagen that non-vegetarians are against meatless monday partly due to this, it seems as if vegetarian food is just unhealthy and not tasty.

  • cv


  • Jonh

    Is to expensive for the quality and the amount of food that is provided. To be honest The food options inside the campus is the worst aspect of this university. eg Meatless Monday is a mistake there are no alternatives only one dish of vegetarian. Healty food in wur doesn't exit! besides Chinese food, hamburguers pizza corquetes and sandwich which normal European food I can find?