Organisatie - 3 mei 2016

Is het eten op de campus oké?

Roelof Kleis

De kantines op de campus zitten dagelijks stampvol. Het zal dus wel lekker zijn. Of niet? De redactie van Resource doet deze weken een smaaktest. Maar wat vinden jullie ervan?

Resource laat deze weken een smaakpanel de vier grote kantines op de campus beoordelen. Het gaat om de kantines in Forum, Orion en de Leeuwenborch plus het Restaurant van de Toekomst. Twee studenten en twee medewerkers nuttigen lunches van diverse stamenstelling en geven daar cijfers voor. Wetenschappelijk gezien een hele kleine steekproef. Maar het levert zeker een indicatie op van wat we zoal krijgen voorgeschoteld.

Maar wat vind jij, bezoeker van deze website, van het eten op de campus? Is het te pruimen? Is het te duur? Goed genoeg voor het geld dat je ervoor neerlegt? Valt er wat te verbeteren of is het allemaal al top? In de poll in de marge van deze site kunt u een stem kwijt. De vraag is simpel: wat is de beste kantine? Het antwoordt schreeuwt natuurlijk om een toelichting.
Die kun je hieronder kwijt als reactie. Graag enigszins gemotiveerd.

Het resultaat van deze poll en de smaaktest door ons panel verschijnt uitgebreid in het volgende nummer van Resource dat op 19 mei verschijnt.

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  • Oscar

    The food at Forum is especially bad, and it has been like that since I remember (4-5 years already), with no improvement whatsoever. It's about time to change the company (same goes for Gaia, since it's the same company). Orion is better, but that's compared to horrible Forum food.
    Lebo has a nice canteen, that can be an example for the other buildings.

  • Fatboy_12

    The food is overpriced. Especially in the Forum building. Come on, we are all students here!? A sandwich with a nice kroket should cost 1,50 but if I'm right it is above 2,00!!! And the baguette's (broodje gezond)!! The ask 3 euro or 3,50 for it, it's crazy.

  • Maria

    The food in Forum is definitly the worst. It is not tasty and certainly not healthy. For a university very concern about food production and nutrition, I was expecting more care about the food they sell at their facilities. The only concern normally is for a vegetarian option, everything else they do not care. What if I'm alergic to guten? What if want to eat organic? What if I want to eat a good tasty plate of vegetables? There is no room for that because everything is full with sandwich, pasta and something fried everywhere.
    The food in Orion slitly better in terms of taste, but again, it lacks on healthy tasty options.
    The best food might be on Restaurant of the Future, which have a variety of options. But it is not exacly affordable for students.

    • MiMaPe

      There is definitely improvement needed, tastewise just as much as pricewise.
      What especially annoys us here is the options on meatless Monday. I mean - vegetarian food should not automatically limit down your options to ONE (!) dish. Even if, there are nice, tasty and creative vegetarian options such as Falafel or a nice curry. However, at Orion they seem to think the only vegetarian standard is Pasta with uncooked vegetables. It's okay if I do that on a lazy night at home, but if a canteen calls itself restaurant, I simply expect more.
      Also, as most students making use of the warm dish around lunchtime are not Dutch, I think the menu should be adjusted to this. Why not cook something Mexican or Spanish a little more often?
      Concerning the price, I really doubt that a plate of pasta should cost more than 3 Euro. This is not in any relation to what you actually get. Same accounts for most breads, and wraps.
      Last comment: from a decent dish at a university that teaches nutrition, I ALWAYS expect some vegetables on the plate. Bread, fries and some meat does not fulfill this rule.

  • Jorge Mendes de Jess

    In Gaia there is no more food after 12:30, vending machines only have cookies. Food culture @ WUR is miserable and I fell ashame when visitors come here and I have to take them for lunch/dinner

  • Ana

    My answer is not yes/no, I think like this: 1- Leeuwenborch, 2- orion, 3-forum, 4- all chinese food.

    I never ate in Leeuwenborch but I checked the options there and it looks amazing! (variety every day, vegetables and tematic meals). The orion has variety but mainly the same every week (meat+carbs source and few vegetables). Forum has the lowest nutritional quality (always high fat or high processed foods with chips or other enormous amounts of pasta/rice), besides usually the protein source is really small (eg. pasta with cheese and sauce, almost only sauce) and soup is full of salt. Chinese food is graisse and the consistence is really bad (rice and meat are the same: like pudim or geli).
    I think an University like Wageningen UR would benefit from Dietetic advising in the menu planing amoung the weeks and to provide the best nutrition quality as possible.

  • Improve food at university

    Simple answer: food at university is disappointing, though 'best' food is provided at Leeuwenborch in my opinion.
    General I have the feeling that there doesn't seem to be good lunch options on Campus. If I compare the canteens with the food I can prepare at home, I will always prefer the home made option. At times I don't want to prepare food at home, I eat in the university. Worst food is provided at Orion, especially the standard lunch meals are most of the time overcooked.
    The 'Chinese' meals are ok, but I don't like to pay for food which comes from a huge sealed plastic bag, looks ugly, but tastes ok.
    Food is in general pricey and drinks are heavily overpriced. Coffee though is great in Forum's Grand Cafe, the Spot and the Leeuwenborch.

    If I compare the cantine food with food provided at German/French university canteens, I think about studying at the wrong place, that's for sure - at least when it comes to food. est example I know is the University of Stuttgart. There you have a full meal with drinks, starter, two sides and dessert for 4-5 €, if even.
    Improve food at university and you will improve student's satisfaction as well. There is definitely a lot of room to improve.

    • Anne

      Fully agreed.

      I think that the sandwiches at Forum could be greatly improved by leaving the 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise out..

  • John

    Ik think the dinner buffet at the sports pub is very good.
    You get big portions, you can choose many delicious beers.
    And there's no meatless Monday.
    Dinner cost only 4.35

  • Eunice w

    I like the leewenbourgh good tasty cheap and friendly stuff. Food at forum is just unhealthy and expensive. Ive not eaten at Orion but their coffee is yummy.Em

  • Juliana

    Leeuwenborch is the best: Lots of home made, vegetarian, whole grain and/or vegetable dishes, less food waste, and it is delicious.

  • wagbeast

    In general, the dishes do not contain enough protein. Meatless monday is ludicrous.

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