Nieuws - 30 augustus 2012

Into gear for the new year

The AID 2012 was another one for the record book. A record-breaking 1653 first-year plunged into Wageningen student life. Here's an impression of an often hot and hectic week.

Campus Games
The first day of the AID is traditionally devoted to the Campus Games. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new Wageningers get to know each other through all sorts of weird and wonderful games. This is a baptism of fire for the AID board too, after working towards this moment for a whole year. Luckily there were no major mishaps on this first day. 'I spent most of my time reuniting lost AID participants with their mentor families', says AID board member Elyn den Hollander. 

Street Theatre

A young woman walking over a giant globe. A man festooned with carefully tuned tooters playing every imaginable tune. Jugglers, clowns and acrobats. Every year there is plenty to see at the street theatre festival. Not just students but also residents of Wageningen and surroundings flock to the town centre to see it. Just a pity that with all the crowds, not everyone can get a good view.

Sports Day
A small survey by Resource revealed that the first-years least enjoyed the sports day. But then it was not exactly the weather for exerting yourself, with the thermometer in Wageningen reaching 37 degrees. But the sprinklers at the end of the physical ordeal were some compensation.

Folders, brochures, pens, chewing gum, free courses, condoms or sun cream... It is freebies galore at the infomarkt. Wageningen students and other clubs, companies, NGOs and even strapping firemen and police officers ply first-years at the Arboretum with all kinds of goodies. Resource handed out about 1000 condoms. Let the good times roll!


Last year the Biercantus came to an abrupt end because some villain tipped a bucket of water over the music equipment. This year it was all a lot more cordial. The well-behaved first-years stay seated when they are supposed to stay seated, stand up when they are supposed to stand up and, hey, it is so hot that a good soak after a false move is most welcome.

Partying on down
There are parties all week long. Until deep into the night you could dance at the dubstep party at Unitas or cool down at the Ceres swimming pool party. The Wageningen nights this week go from long to longer to longest. By the end it's hard to get people moving again, as The Hype and Handsome Poets noticed at the music festival. These bands performed at the closing party in a big tent on the field between the Forum and Atlas. But only Shantel's Balkan beat succeeded in getting the first-years dancing. Shantel came back twice for an encore, and then the first-years got a new lease of life. In the words of prospective KSV member Max: 'On to the student societies soon. Then the night begins in earnest.'