Nieuws - 7 november 2009

Intimate theatre in the living room

Stiff penises, leather belt, a recently divorced mother. The music theatre fare offered during the student house-theatre festival 'Roomservice' on Thursday 5 November was quite provocative.

The theatre group x3 in action in the living room of student house Witte Wilma.
As I stroll into the living room of the Witte Wilma, a student house which also happens to be where I live, I am rather taken aback. Our usually very tidy living room somewhat resembles my own room in more turbulent times: socks scattered everywhere, more pieces of clothing, an empty bottle of deodorant, the joystick of a retro game computer. At one corner of the room, people are sitting, huddled together. These people and I form the audience for a performance by 'x3', a contemporary music theatre group. Such groups give performances in student houses all over Wageningen today. Three performances take place in our living room, which, after each performance, is transformed into a setting completely different from the one before. If we were sitting on and standing behind the couches in one setting, we would be on the floor in the next. No matter what, the feeling is snug. Sometimes so snug that I have to reanimate my legs when a performance ends.
The first artist who takes to the floor plays the role of a recently divorced mother talking about her three adolescent sons. We enter into a lively performance of the discussions with her sons and find ourselves now and then in the midst of family tussles presided over by a mobile court judge. She doesn't spare us tales of her nocturnal escapades either. As she narrates, she slowly tidies up her son's bedroom, while her buttocks gyrate to the music of Trafassi, the band with the 'grote wasjes, kleine wasjes'.
Sometimes, she comes a wee bit too close to us, something which we are subjected to too in the other performances. Drama acquires an extra dimension when a performing artist, in the role of a farmer's son with homosexual inclinations, comes right before your face with details about sexual fantasies with men while whipping the floor with a leather belt. Talk about intimate moments. / Amrish Baidjoe