Nieuws - 3 maart 2010

Intestinal flora


The heading in Resource 18 February 2010 said 'Intestinal bacteria make you fat too'.

Rubbish, of course. Intestinal bacteria evolved along with us and they make our digestion system efficient. That was really useful for our ancestors! It's not those faithful bacteria, it's eating too much that makes you fat. And now we want to get rid of those bacteria in fat people? A nice example of what genetics professor Rolf Hoekstra said on the same day in his farewell address: our cultural evolution is in the process of shutting out our genetic evolution. The result in this case: we are putting the cart before the sustainability horse so that we can eat and shit more. Don't do it, Wageningen. Long live our intestinal flora.
Gert Jan Hofstede, Logistics, Decision and Information Sciences