Nieuws - 5 februari 2004

Internet phone problems still not solved

Students are still experiencing problems with Internet phoning. The network operator Vocalis is making visits to student flats this week to help students with their problems. The Stichting Flatoverleg is considering taking the matter to court if the problems are not dealt with soon.

Stichting Flatoverleg (SFO, the group representing the students living in student flats) is still receiving complaints about the new phone system. The quality of the line is bad, people say they can’t be reached and there are problems with voicemail and incorrect bills. There are also complaints about the extra costs of using mobile phones, and the bad quality of service and information provided. “Some are even saying that they are going to return their phones,” says Albert de Bakker, spokesman for SFO. “From the complaints I’ve heard, I get the impression that things are getting better, but the system is still a long way from working well.”

In an attempt to deal with the complaints of incorrect bills, network operator Vocalis has introduced a new invoice system this week. Issuing an extra switch last week solved the problem of not being able to use both phone and computer at the same time. Although not all subscribers received their e-mail from Vocalis, due to typing errors, three-quarters of the subscribers have already picked up the switches from the Tell Me shop. For the people who still have problems after going through all these steps, Vocalis representatives are making house calls. According to Maarten Koenders at Tell Me there are at least ten people who still need help: “It’s not yet clear why, but most complaints seem to be coming from the Haarweg.”

Yvonne de Hilster