Nieuws - 1 september 2005

International students register

‘Now I am a student!’ says Ataharul Huq Chowdhury from Bangladesh. All international students who start their MSc in September were required by the Student Administration Office (CSA) to officially register at the University main building on Friday 26 August. They were welcomed with pancakes and ice cream.

Klaas de Vries from CSA is one of the people welcoming the international students at the entrance to the building, handing out registration forms and explaining the procedure to the new students. ‘The students have to make a round of the ground floor which takes them along all the different desks responsible for arranging the various practical aspects, like getting their picture taken for a student card and making sure their insurance is in order.’ De Vries is expecting about two hundred international students today.

So far, students think the day is a good initiative. ‘It is all clear to me now’, tells Liao Szu-Ting from Taiwan. Emilie Jordi and Romain Ledoux from French agree and add that the administration was got through very quickly. ‘Fifteen minutes and we were done already.’

The newly registered students are standing at tables outside. For most of them it is an exciting day as their masters abroad is really starting now. The atmosphere is a little bit festive, as there’s a pancake stand and an ice cream-bar outside. ‘We wanted to make it a little bit Dutch,’ De Vries explains. Some students are enjoying an ice cream, despite the cold weather, but the pancake stand attracts more students.

Jodi van Leusden normally works in the financial department, but today she’s helping with the pancake stand. Halfway through the day she’s already baked more than a hundred pancakes. ‘It’s going really well,’ she says. The students love the pancakes. ‘I think it is fantastic. I want the recipe,’ says Saritha Kittie Uda, who is from Indonesia. Although the French students are used to pancakes, they are obviously enjoying them. ‘It’s our breakfast,’ explains Jodi. The students at another table want to try making pancakes at home. ‘They look a little bit like our traditional food, but then softer,’ says Huq Chowdury. Unfortunately, the recipe hanging on the stand is only written in Dutch. ‘We had no time to translate it,’ explains Van Leusden. So, for all of those who asked for the recipe, better late than never:

- 500 g pancake flour (pannenkoekmeel)
- 1 litre milk
- 4 eggs
- pinch of salt

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stir it to a smooth batter.
Stir the batter regularly to avoid lumps.
Melt a dab of butter in a hot frying pan.
Pour a big spoon of batter in the pan so that it forms a thin layer.
Bake the pancake golden brown on both sides.
Serve with a sweet filling like sugar, jam or syrup, or a savoury filling such as cheese or bacon./ LH