Nieuws - 10 juni 2004

International students now equally represented in university student council

The Progressive Student Faction (PSF) is the clear winner in the student council elections, as was made clear in the results published on 8 June. The party won six of the twelve seats. The Chinese student of International Land and Water Management, Wei Qin, was seventh on the list of candidates, but received so many votes that he overtook number six on the list.

VeSte lost two seats and will therefore only have four students on the council next academic year. The Christian Student Faction (CSF) retained its two seats.

Two reasons for the PSF victory were given at the celebrations after the results were published. First was that Wei Qin, who received almost ten percent of the 1725 votes, had held a big and intensive campaign among the students at the Nieuwlanden where his study is based. He also visited all student flats to encourage his compatriots to vote for him. The second reason according to many is the positive effect of PleeSF the fraction’s newspaper, which is regularly distributed as reading material in as many toilets as possible in the university.

The percentage of international students on the student council next year will be equal to the percentage of international students at the university: 33 percent. Three of the four elected foreigners are with the PSF: Jasmine Osorio from the United States, Uxue Donezar from Spain and Wei Qin from China. The fourth is Yun Tang, president of the International Student Panel, who will represent VeSte.

Guido van Hofwegen