Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

International students not happy with Wb

International students not happy with Wb

International students not happy with Wb

The international students are dissatisfied with the Wb. This is the main
finding from a readers’ survey carried out by Wb in which 98 non-Dutch
speaking students were interviewed.

The biggest complaint from international students is the small amount of
space they are allotted in the newspaper. According to those interviewed,
one page in English just is not enough for a university and research centre
that regards itself as international. Only one in three students reads the
English page each week. In comparison, two out of three Dutch speaking
readers read the Wb every week.

Dutch readers agree with the foreign readers. Over 500 Dutch readers were
interviewed at the same time, and although most don’t read the English page
themselves, they indicated that they would understand if one Dutch page
were to disappear to make more room for an extra English-language page.

The newspaper is planning to take the readers’ opinion to heart and include
more English language information in the paper. We are now looking to
expand the newspaper’s capacity in the form of one or more journalists who
will write for the international community. Once these have been found we
will be able to publish a double-page in English every two weeks in Wb. In
the longer term we hope to be able to offer at least two pages every week
with English-language news.

Korné Versluis, editor-in-chief