Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

International Cookbook

International Cookbook

International Cookbook: annual ATO tradition

For the sixth year in a row, international researchers at the ATO-DLO (Agrotechnological Research Institute) have produced a cookbook with typical recipes from their countries of origin. The 49 main courses and desserts, which form the basis of this year's cookbook, were sampled last week at a dinner party. French researcher Nathalie Goncalves, one of this year's four organisers, commented on what is becoming a popular tradition. Every year, a new group of international researchers takes over organising the dinner, which always takes place in February. We ask all international ATO staff to cook a dish for about five people, and to invite a guest to the dinner. At the end of the evening, everyone can take a cookbook home and learn to cook their favourite dishes themselves. However, the organisers provide a teasing disclaimer in the introduction of the book: No-one cooks pasta better than an Italian or moussaka like a Greek. This year's cookbook boasts recipes from twenty countries, mostly from Europe and Asia, but also from Africa, the Americas and the Middle East. International researchers make up about 10 percent of the ATO staff members. Am.S

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