Nieuws - 29 maart 2001

International Club stumbles on hard times

International Club stumbles on hard times

Two weeks ago the Wisp'r reported on the start of the new Latin American club Que Pasa. This week we consider another meeting place for international students, the International Club Association in the Marijkeweg.

The International Club Association has long been known for its discos and parties with live acts on Fridays and Saturdays. But the last two years the club has had to contend with membership losses and declining visitor numbers. As the organisation of the club is based on members who work as volunteers, organising activities has become harder. This forced the committee to decide to temporarily close the club on Fridays. Club president Henny van den Berg says that the discontinuation of the university subsidy has also reduced membership. Van den Berg: "Last year the subsidy was halved, this year we did not receive anything from the university. It means that we have less money to spend on activities and some members do not seem to realise what this entails."

Van den Berg acknowledges that apart from the decline in income, the problems result from the competition the International Club now faces from other cafes in Wageningen, especially Vrijheid, Het Gat and Que Pasa. These establishments attract many customers with their salsa and Caribbean nights. Van den Berg: "We will discuss our future at the next general meeting. Maybe we should follow a new avenue. But the club has a very good location with a lot of potential and it would be a terrible waste if we did not use our enthusiasm to make this club flourish again."

Yvonne de Hilster