Nieuws - 5 september 2011

International BBQ: free but not cheap

Last Friday, before the start of the new academic year, the Student service centre organized a free barbeque for international students.

It was an Indian-summer-like Friday evening: all the international students were invited via emails to this event. The barbeque took place on the field behind the Radix Agros. Baguettes, drinks, salad, meat or a vegetarian alternative were well-prepared to cater for different tastes. The attendance was estimated up to 500. A long queue formed and snaked its way to the catering stands. Even though it looked a bit crowded, everyone could find a seat to enjoy the food and live music, communicate with students from all over the world. Rector Magnificus Martin Kropff also attended and gave a brief opening speech.
Although barbeque wasn't any novelty, it was the first time to be organized at Wageningen campus. 'It should have been held last winter,' said Hans de Kort, the initiator of this event, 'but we put it off till now because at that time not many students stayed in Wageningen due to the vacation.' The idea is that students who are far away from home get to know each other and can exchange experiences. He continued after taking a glance of the joyful crowd, 'I didn't expect it could work out so well. I'm really proud of it.' The smiles on students' faces made him rather satisfied.
On the other side the barbeque was highly recognized by quite a few students as well. 'I didn't join the AID last year, I've never had such an exciting party in my first year study. It's free but not cheap,' said Tuy, a student from Vietnam. As a 2nd-year Master, Tuy regarded it as a perfect time to unite with his old friends, especially his compatriots. However not everyone was satisfied with it. 'I'm also very international and like to play with the foreign students, why didn't I receive the invitation?' An uninvited Dutch Master student complained and left an open question to the university to think about.
After the last gelato was served out, the jamboree came to an end. Can we expect another barbeque night next year? Mr. de Kort's answer was 'not sure, it depends',  while the students said: why not?