Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

Integration the theme at new year reception

Integration the theme at new year reception

During the new year reception organised by the student council this week
the main themes highlighted were internationalisation and integration.
Rector Bert Speelman expressed the hope that Dutch and international
students would continue to grow towards each other in the course of 2003.

Speelman suggested that the official status that ISOW now has and the
imminent move to the Ceres building can be considered a step in the right
direction. He also promised that where possible the university would make
the facilities available to further the integration process. Last year’s
new year reception was held in the Junushoff. This year however, the
student council was allotted less money, so had to make do with the Aula.
Lack of space in the auditorium meant that many of the students who turned
up had to miss the three stand-up comedians who did their best to get a
laugh out of those present. Most of the Chinese, Jewish and Dutch jokes
went down well. When asked how many international students were present
only a few hands went up. It soon became clear though that there were
larger numbers downstairs. The lack of space upstairs meant that they had
gone straight on to the drinks.

Leonie Mossink