News - December 2, 2004

Insult to injury

Ramin Roohparvar, PhD research student in phytopathology complains about the X-rays to which foreigners are subjected here.

“All members of staff and students coming from countries that the Netherlands suspects of having tuberculosis, have to have at least five X-rays taken. The first X-ray is taken because the local council wants to see that we have no TB. Then we have to come back four times for the GGD (local health service). We have to go to Ede every six months. So many X-rays is not only pointless, it’s also dangerous. We are already exposed to enough dangerous substances in the laboratory where I work; X-rays on top of that are totally unnecessary.”

The TB centre in Utrecht replies: “It is true that five X-rays are made. This is because TB develops slowly, and one X-ray is therefore not sufficient. It is also good for the person involved to know how his or health is. In addition it is totally safe: the amount of radiation is equivalent to watching TV three times.”