Organisatie - 1 september 2015

Initiation of the amphitheatre

Koen Guiking

The first concert at the amphitheatre will be held on Thursday the 3rd of September. Given that it will be nice weather. If not the open air concert of Space Master Silence will be moved to The Spot in Orion and the initiation of the amphitheatre will have to wait.

Inwijding van het amfitheater door Space Master Silence

The – free – performance is organized together with Theatre Junushoff. Throughout the year the university and theatre will perform together more often, says  the director of Junushoff, Loek Buys. ‘It is difficult for us to get students to come to the theatre, so if the university does not come to us, we will go to the university’, he explains.

There will be about one hundred seats available at the open air concert. ‘But one can also bring their own chair or mat. The music of SpaceMaster Silence is very fitting to meditate on.’

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The Junushoff wants to organize three to four performances on Campus this academic year. ‘I already have some ideas, but don’t want to spoil too much’ Buys begins. To follow with: It will mainly be concerts, but a comedy show in Impulse is also an option.’ Vice versa the university will also organize two children’s lectures in the small hall in Junushoff. On Sunday the 4th of October food technologist Tiny van Boekel will explain to children that water and oil do not mix, but that it is still possible to make mayonnaise. Entomologist Marcel Dicke tells in the (aldready sold out) performance ‘Beestjes’ (creatures) about the great athletic and sensory capacities of insects.