Nieuws - 28 mei 2013

Independents win four seats in Student Council

Four independent members will have a seat in the Student Council in the coming academic year . Student party VeSte will occupy eight. This was announced today by rector magnificus Martin Kropff. With the four seats for the Independents, VeSte gets their much wanted diversity in the council.

VeSte candidate Arvid de Rijck is congratulated on his election.
A total of 2311 students cast their vote during the elections for the representative body, a little over 30 percent. From these votes 1601 went to VeSte, which means they get eight seats. The Independents got 652 votes, which means three seats in the council. The remaining seat went to the list with the most vote surplus; the Independents.
Independent candidate Bowen Tian managed to enter the council with over 200 preference votes, at the expense of his fellow candidates Gilbert Atuga and Yang Jiang. For VeSte number nine Emma Diederiks didn't make it. She was disappointed upon hearing about her loss. 'I have put so much time and effort into this, I really wanted to do this now.' Gilbert Atuga seemed less affected. 'I think the persons who are elected now are very capable. For me there will be another challenge.' 
Even though they were all individual candidates, the Independents decided to enter the elections as one list rather than submitting six separate lists. They expected to have a better chance of getting seats in the student council that way. Preference votes finally decided which of them would get a seat in the student council, said Yingying Zhang, now an independent member in the student council.