Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

Income requirement for PhD students will be reduced

Income requirement for PhD students will be reduced

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) is to abandon the
requirement that foreign PhD students and visiting university researchers
can show a minimum income of 1200 euros per month. This requirement has
prevented many PhD students from being granted a temporary residence permit
(VVM) in the past.

An amendment of the law, whereby PhD students and visiting researchers
would be exempted from the income requirement, is ready, but has not been
implemented because of the fall of the cabinet. However, the Centre for
Work and Income (CWI) has agreed with the Ministry of Social Affairs that
the 1200 euro requirement can be changed. The minimum income that a PhD
researcher must show is now 600 euros. According to Stella Efdé of OSA, the
application procedures for residence and employment permits are likely to
take longer and will mean more work for university staff in the future.

Leonie Mossink