Nieuws - 14 juni 2012

In the professor's footsteps

The book 'Nature in the Netherlands' by Professor Frank Berendse was published last autumn. You can now check out its nature walks with a free app.

What's more, Berendse himself provides a commentary about what is to be seen along the way and why that is so special. You get the feeling that he is walking beside you with the new app he has made to go with his much acclaimed book. Five of the nature walks described in the book have been incorporated into the app, which also includes two bicycle tours. Work is being done on the rest, says Berendse.
With the app, you can navigate in the nature using the GPS of a mobile phone and a comprehensive map. While this is also possible without the app, the app comes with extra features. At about ten different points along each route, Berendse tells you what to see and/or smell. Soundman Henk Meeuwsen from Alterra supplied the natural sounds, such as that made by a frog or a lapwing. Pictures of wild plants and even water colour paintings appear on the screen.
The 'Natuur in Nederland' app can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes App Store, and for Android smart phones, from the Google Play Store. Those without the right mobile phones can get the routes from