Nieuws - 4 maart 2010

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News in brief

Court case De Gelderlander
Budgets DLO and VHL to be kept secret
Wageningen UR does not have to review the budgets of DLO and Van Hall Larenstein to the daily newspaper De Gelderlander. This ruling is made by the court in Arnhem. The newspaper has asked to see the budgets for 2009, but the court rules that DLO and VHL are not public authorities and therefore exempt from the Public Access Act. 

Humphrey's tops the list
Eating out at Humphrey's is the most popular gift choice. Almost 8 percent (483 people) of the employees of Wageningen UR picked this. 'Memories in linen' (422 times) and the electric tooth brush (373 times) followed close behind. These results are somewhat distorted because the sandwich grill ran out of stock very fast. At that point in time, the grill was the most popular. After extending the submission deadline, 89 percent of the 7000 employees eventually made their choices, which means that 'no twinkling' (803 people) was most 'popular'. Less than 4 per cent opted for a good cause, of which cancer cure had the most scores.

Public transport Smartcard
'Privacy of students invaded'
The introduction of the public transport Smartcard has seriously invaded the privacy of students. The juristic student organization Clinic wants the Dutch Data Protection Authority to take action. From 16 March, students can use their Smartcard only for free travel. Personal information and details about their journeys are automatically stored and saved for seven years. That's a serious invasion of privacy, say the students of Clinic. ® HOP