Student - 29 oktober 2015

In line for tickets Palmintocht

Koen Guiking

Drinking beer in eight different pubs for only ten euro. To do so, students spend several hours in line.

In de rij voor kaartjes voor de Palmintocht
Rustig een kaartje leggen en wachten tot de kassa open gaat

Photos: Remo Wormmeester

At 12 o clock the ticket sale started for the Palmintocht (the arrival of Palm beer), that takes place on Wednesday the 4th of November. The 600 tickets were sold out within an hour.

The first pub crawlers were already sitting in front of the cafe De Vlaamsche Reus at 8 in the morning. They had brought a long a chessboard to kill time. In the course of the morning the line grew all the way to the church.

Many were prepared. Playing cards on folding chairs, relaxing in a beanbag or staring into a puzzle book the students (and non-students) were waiting until the church bell rang twelve times and the cash desk opened. They had taken their own thermos flasks with warm drinks, but the waiting people were also offered some soup by the beer company that will bring the first barrels of Dobbelpalm in Wageningen. By horse and carriage.

Panorama van de rij op de Markt

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    Ongelofelijk dit.

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