Student - September 14, 2017

Idealis wants to get building at Bornsesteeg

Roelof Kleis

Student accommodation provider Idealis wants to build 400 units as soon as possible next to the star-shaped block of flats at Bornsesteeg. An extension with 40 new units is also planned at Asserpark. This became apparent Monday evening, 11 September, when Wageningen municipal council discussed possible sites for new student accommodation.

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‘We’ve already made the preparations that will let us start work immediately. If the council agrees,’ said Idealis director Sylvie Deenen in response to questions from the council.

The municipality, Idealis and WUR estimate there will be over 14,000 students studying in Wageningen by 2021. An additional 2200 rooms are needed soon to accommodate them all. Some (800 rooms) are already being developed, but space still needs to be found for 1400 rooms. The municipal executive has now come up with a list of possible locations.

In addition to Bornsesteeg and Asserpark, the most suitable options are Marijkeweg 20 (a building that belongs to the Rijn IJssel training college), the Olympiahal sports centre, the old Plantsoen post office and the WUR building behind the Aula. Mixed accommodation for both students and other target groups is envisaged for Duivendaal and De Dreijen.

A number of parties in the council are concerned by how fast WUR is growing and the pressure this is putting on housing. Erik Bijleveld of GroenLinks (the Green Left party) wanted to know whether WUR could build more on its own land, for example on campus. WUR spokesman Simon Vink: ‘An interesting question. Accommodation on campus was taboo not so long ago.’ Vink pointed to the option of building more at De Dreijen. The municipal executive’s current plans have a maximum of 300 units there, only some of which will be for students.

The council will decide next month on the preferred sites for student accommodation.

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  • Simon

    In het voorstel van het college staat voor de Dreijen 0-300 studentenkamers. Die maximaal 300 gaat dus alleen over het deel voor studenten. Over de rest van de woningen staat niets genoemd.

  • Roelof Kleis

    Je hebt gelijk, het moet 2200 zijn. Ik heb het aangepast.

  • Eehh?

    "Daar zijn nog 1400 extra kamers voor nodig. Een deel daarvan (800 kamers) is al in ontwikkeling. Voor 1400 kamers moet nog ruimte worden gevonden."