News - August 29, 2019

Idealis to open a safer bicycle route to Haarweg 333

Luuk Zegers

As a result of last week’s two armed muggings, the student housing association Idealis is going to facilitate an alternative bicycle route on its grounds. This will enable cyclists heading to Haarweg 333 to use a lit and safer route.

The terrain of the Idealis Binnenveld complex is lit at night. © Roelof Kleis

Haarweg 333 is the property of the university. Next to this is the red 'Binnenveld' complex of Idealis. Behind this building is a road that crosses the Idealis terrain and ends at Haarweg 333. This road is usually blocked off by a gate, says Idealis Director Bart van As.

‘Our caretaker Rob Haantjes suggested temporarily opening that gate in order to create a safer bicycle route to Haarweg 333 on the Idealis terrain, which is lit,’ says Van As. ‘But a few other things have to be done first: in addition to opening the gate, a hedge has to be removed, signs put up and the path has to be made more accessible.’

The route across the terrain of Idealis. The yellow line is the safer bicycle route.

Social safety
‘The gate is in the red circle,’ says Van As. ‘The yellow line is the new bicycle route on our complex. This is well-lit and offers more social safety thanks to the presence of students.’ The bicycle route should be ready today, Thursday 29 August.

The university is also taking measures in response to last week’s violent incidents. Spokesperson Simon Vink: ‘The buildings on Haarweg are included in the security guards’ route; they will pass by more often as a result of last week’s incidents.’ Surveillance will also be increased on and at the boundaries of the campus.

Vink asks everyone to be extra alert. ‘As long as the incidents are still so recent and we don’t exactly know what’s going on, alertness is advised. If you see something that seems wrong or suspicious, report this to the police.’

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