Nieuws - 16 mei 2013

Idealis revives building plans

Work can start on Nobelweg and Lawickse Hof.
Student accommodation provider also wants to build on campus.

Future Campus Plaza
Student accommodation provider Idealis has dusted off its plans for new buildings. The housing corporation hopes to start work on student accommodation on Nobelweg and Lawickse Hof before the end of the year.
At the end of 2012, Idealis put its investment plans on the back burner because of uncertainty about the government's plans. The accommodation provider said it was concerned that the envisaged method of determining rents in combination with the new landlord levy would eat into its budget. What is more, the social housing guarantee fund WSW was no longer providing guarantees; housing corporations need these guarantees in order to be able to take out loans.
When the housing agreement was reached in February this year, that was the end of some of these government plans. And this meant there was room again for new projects. Bart van As, head of Property at Idealis, is pleased the plans for new construction can be revived. 'Wageningen University is expecting further growth in the number of students in the years ahead. We will be drawing up a new building plan jointly with the municipality and Wageningen UR as soon as possible.'
After the summer, Idealis hopes to begin on the construction of around 150 student rooms on Dolderstraat/Nobelweg. The plans for Lawickse Hof are also being resurrected. In addition, Idealis intends to get involved in the plans for Campus Plaza. The idea is for 400 student rooms to be built on what is now the barren site on Bornsesteeg, plus one or two cafes, eateries and shops. The municipal council will be taking a decision next month about the university's plans. As of next week, project developers will be able to register their interest in building the residential and retail accommodation for Campus Plaza.