Student - June 2, 2011

Idealis objects to temporary housing

Idealis has made an official objection to the plans of the university to build three temporary housing units for foreign students at Haarweg. The student housing provider says that the grounds on which the permit application was made are incorrect. The university expresses disappointment at this.

The municipality has only issued a permit for temporary buildings, says the university, as Idealis would be able to build enough accommodation for students in five years' time. However, Corina van Dijk, spokesperson for Idealis, refutes this. 'We adjust our construction policy according to the prognosis for student growth. As the university has not based its prognosis for the coming years on growth in the number of foreign students, we have not made any provisions for extra housing units for such.'
Idealis also objects to the distance between its own housing units and the temporary units. This is 12 meters, which is too short by Idealis' standard. Van Dijk: 'Although family housing units are often built with this distance in between, their occupants have more space to move about in. A student has only one room, an all-in-one space for sleeping, studying and leisure.' She emphasizes that the protest is of a procedural nature and Idealis has no intention to stand in the way of the construction of the student housing units.
The university is 'surprised and disappointed' with the objection from Idealis. 'Construction will be delayed as a result, no matter what, while the need is extremely pressing', says spokesperson Simon Vink. He finds the housing provider's reasoning 'strange'. 'All those involved in Wageningen know that the number of students will grow in the coming years. This can also be seen from our statistics.'
The university feels that Idealis is very able to provide housing in a structural way in five years' time; the housing agency has started work at Kortenooord and Rijnsteeg, and four hundred housing units will be built on campus. However,  these units are being built to cater to the growth of Dutch students, says Van Dijk.
The university is waiting for a verdict from the municipality. However, it does not expect the 12 metres between the housing units to pose any problems. 'The units will be located where once a university building was still standing when Idealis started its housing construction. That wasn't a problem then either.'