Nieuws - 6 oktober 2010

ISOW rises from the ashes

The Wageningen International Students’ Organization (ISOW) was looking like a dead duck. No board, no courses and virtually no place to call its own. But the association has risen from the ashes. ‘We want to be a common room for international students.’

The new art-class at Isow already started
It was touch and go, admits the brand-new ISOW chairperson Sanne Bakker. ISOW is a social club for students both from abroad and from the Netherlands who like mixing in international circles. 'With courses, parties and other opportunities to meet, we provide a common room for international students', says Bakker.
Enough scope in Wageningen, you would think, yet last year it looked as though the association was quietly dying out. But two weeks ago a few members decided to set their shoulders to the plough to turn the tide. Within two weeks a six-member board had been formed, work had started on eleven courses, and 34 members had signed up. Even external factors seemed to be on their side: ISOW does not have to move for the time being. 'We are allowed to stay here, although we do not know for how long. Maybe for half a year, maybe for five years. But the message gave us such an energy boost that we are going to smarten up the place.' The salsa room has been tidied up and painted, with as many gold touches as possible. And hanging on the walls are the paintings of the first 'art class'.
The question is of course how ISOW can become a rock-solid association. 'For one thing, we are going to be stricter about membership', says Sanne. 'You can come and try out a course once, but after that we expect people to become members. And then we will ask straightaway whether you might like to give a course.' And that leads to nice classes such as yoga, an art class, and Greek. Bolivian folk dancing is in the pipeline. ISOW also wants to revive the collaboration with IxESN. In the short term, things are looking good for ISOW.