Nieuws - 26 april 2001

ISOW, a lively student club with lots of activities

ISOW, a lively student club with lots of activities

'Learn the language to get in touch with the Dutch'

After the Latin American club Que Pasa? and the International Club Association, the Wisp'r reports on another international meeting place for students, the International Student Organisation Wageningen (ISOW).

Located in a small building in the Duivendaal, ISOW is open to all university students, but attracts mainly international students. A student committee is elected annually and is responsible for running the club. ISOW organises a range of activities during the week, including movies, language courses and dancing lessons for merengue, salsa and Greek dancing. The building also has space available for different prayer groups. University support and income from the sale of drinks keeps the organisation going.


Once a month ISOW organises theme parties. Jaime Lujan Zilbermann, MSc student and committee member, explains what it is that he likes about the atmosphere of ISOW: "Everybody comes here. This is where I meet friends." Students can also organise their own party here.

The club was started a few years ago, to meet the needs of international students. "International students tend to hang around with people from the same language group. At Dutch student organisations international students face a language barrier," Lujan Zilbermann explains. Nevertheless ISOW received so many requests for Dutch lessons, that they started a course two months ago. "Most students work hard and return home after their studies, but if you want to get in touch with the Dutch you have to learn the language," says Lujan Zilbermann.

Yvonne de Hilster