Nieuws - 23 september 2010

‘I won’t be buying coffee so often’

The catering company Albron has made drastic increases in coffee and tea prices. Students and staff are indignant.

There has been a substantial hike in the price you pay as of 6 September for coffee and tea at the coffee counters of Albron, the Wageningen UR catering company. The caterer's customers currently pay 85 euro cents for a cup of coffee or tea. That is almost double the old price of fifty euro cents.
Debbie Kielstra, Albron catering manager, can explain: 'Wageningen UR aims to give its students and staff a choice between luxury coffee and cheap coffee. The agreement is that Albron provides the luxury coffee. Students and staff can get cheap coffee from the vending machines. For a long time we were selling our luxury coffee for the same price as the cheap coffee from the machines, but we changed that at the start of the academic year.'
The new coffee prices have led to an indignant reaction: it is the subject of the day in the corridors and the Resource site has been flooded with comments. Student Maarten de Bruijn understands the commotion: 'The Albron coffee has become very expensive, especially if you compare it with other universities. Plus you are now being made to choose between disgusting coffee for 45 euro cents and coffee that tastes nice but is much more expensive. I won't be buying coffee from Albron so often now.' Kielstra takes a different view: 'We are aware of the complaints but we also see a lot of sympathy for the situation. There certainly hasn't been much use made of the complaints cards stacked on our coffee counters.'