Nieuws - 1 november 2012

'I really want to be a weatherman'

Who? Maurice Middendorp
What? Second-year Master's student of Earth and Environment
Why? Wants to stand out as the new NOS weatherman at a screen test on 9 November in Wageningen

Why are you so well-suited to becoming a weatherman?
'Because of my degree in meteorology of course, but also because I have always been interested in the weather. I used to do storm chasing, for instance. As soon as there was a thunderstorm approaching, I jumped into the car to go and take photos. If it snowed I kept track of it on my computer on all kinds of fora.'
You recently almost got to present the weather forecast on RTL4, didn't you?
'Yes. Weatherwoman Helga van Leur held a competition together with Buienradar. You made a webcam film for which people could vote. That started as a joke, but it grew like an oil slick. People helped; my mother distributed flyers at her work. I was in first place for a while but I was overtaken three days before it closed. Really annoying.'
It was a fun way of trying to get on TV once. How serious is your application now?
'Much more serious. I really want to be a weatherman, and this would be a really good start. But there are about 100 people competing, including fellow students. So it will be difficult.
How can you prepare?
'It is very difficult to practise something you have never done before. For the screen test I am trying to improve how I come across on camera and to brush up my presentation skills. I don't have an autocue here so it is difficult to imagine how you present using that.'