Nieuws - 24 juni 2010

'I miss mature cheese and sauerkraut'

Who? Joop Luten
What? Appointed extraordinary professor of Seafood
Where? Lives and works in Tromsø, Norway
Why? His research programme is of real value to Wageningen UR

How did you end up in Norway?
I went there in 2002 for a year on sabbatical. On the strength of the research I did I was offered a job by Fiskeriforskning, a research institute which was later taken over by Nofima.

What is your research field?
I research the impact of fish feed on the sensory and nutritional quality of farmed fish. What do you need to give the fish in order to get a good flavour and optimal levels of nutrients? For example, selenium, which is important for humans as part of an antioxidant, is present in generous quantities in wild fish, but there is much less of it in farmed fish. I want to focus on the mechanism for enriching farmed fish with selenium. Other nutrients that interest me are iodine and the amino acid taurine.

Who are you going to work with in Wageningen UR?
From the Product Design and Quality chair group in Wageningen, I want to work with Aquaculture, Human Nutrition, Food technology, and Consumer and Sensory Sciences.

Do you consider ever coming back to the Netherlands?
I have no immediate plans. I do miss mature Dutch cheese and sauerkraut, and sometimes the flat polder landscape.