Nieuws - 22 maart 2012

‘I just did my bit'

Who: Branko Olij, BSc student of Nutrition and Health
What: Basketball player (2.04m) with Pluto men's first team in Wageningen
Why: Team will almost certainly be champions this Saturday and be promoted to the national first division

Will it be party time on Saturday?
‘I am quite confident. It should be doable, against an average sort of team. The victory last weekend in the number three was a big relief. Now we can be home champions, at the sports hall in the Tarthorst. The club expects more spectators and more noise than when the men's first team got promoted last year. I have even heard rumours of a light show.'
What is so special about your team?
‘We are one of the younger teams in the competition, with lads between the ages of 19 and 26, no one in their thirties or forties. We like to run a lot and score fast. That is nice for the spectators too.'
And only last season you were in the premier league...
‘After two years of only following morning lectures and playing basketball on the side, I wanted to spend more time on my studies and I moved to Wageningen. A degree gives you more security, whereas with sport it can all suddenly be over at any time. Pluto didn't play as well as I had hoped, but it clicked with the boys and with the coach, and they thought they had a chance of promotion - and I could be of some use there, yes. But we really did it as a team. We've got a good player for every position on the court. As centre I just did my bit.'